First Friday Finish!

This is my first Friday Finish post as well as the inaugural post of my new blog!


I completed my first jelly-roll race with Kaffe Fassett fabric, although this photo does not do justice to the richness and variety of colors and patterns, as all of you know.  To make a top with my jelly roll, I used the fun tutorial by Missouri Quilt Company.  I still laugh when I think that the title of the tutorial was something about making this in an hour!  Ha!  It probably took me three-plus hours to finish my first race.


I have several fabrics (on the left) that I am auditioning for the borders and the binding.  The fabric at upper right is going to become part of the backing, with leftovers from the other fabrics.


In my (maniacal) daily effort to read EVERY quilt blog in existence, today I found another quilter’s jelly-roll quilt, and I really liked what she did: She had cut the horizontal jelly strips off-center and vertically two times and then inserted a jelly-roll width of a complimentary color.  Of course, I tried to find this post again when I started writing, but I could not locate it, so I cannot post a link to show her work and what I intend to do next.  (Thank you, Whoever-You-Are.)

I am now going to try to link to Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  There is such a steep learning curve in creating a blog!  I’m thrilled that I managed to put photos into this post and the link to the Missouri Quilt tutorial!

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4 Responses to First Friday Finish!

  1. Carole says:

    Welcome to this side of the keyboard, Juliana! I am also relatively new to blogging, and am enjoying “linky parties” of all sorts. It’s fun to “meet” other bloggers, and to share one’s own work. Congratulations on your retirement!
    Carole, from Fresh off the Frame

    • Carole, thank you for leaving me a comment–my first!! I appreciate your visiting my blog and your letting me know that you were here. I visited your blog–love your profile. You’ve inspired me to be more personal and ‘real’!!

  2. Hello Juliana,

    What great fun, a strip quilt. I love the colours (well it’s Kaffe, isn’t it) and am putting in a suggestion for a pink border and purple binding. Whatever you choose it will look fabulous.

    I am seriously impressed that you have done a link up for your first post. I had been blogging for over six months before I could work out how to do it.

    Love from England,

    • Lizzie, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for posting a comment! It is exciting to me that you are in England reading my post. The world can be such a small community. I really like your suggestion on colors, and I’m hoping to have the top finished by this Friday. Hope you will visit again to see the end result!

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